SSRC Grant

At the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies annual meeting,
Psychology MA student Kendall Pfeffer presents her research
on self-efficacy and PTSD. At NSSR, she's a member of the Trauma
and Global Mental Health Lab, led by Adam Brown.

SSRC Grant

We are truly excited to have been selected
as inaugural grantees of SSRC's New
Interdisciplinary Projects in the Social Sciences

New School News

How we are addressing global mental
health disparities in our lab


to Jamie Gardella, Julia Superka, and Bora Meraj who
had presentations accepted to the upcoming autobiographical
memory conference at Cambridge University


to Kendall Pfeffer who will be presenting at
ISTSS 2019 in Boston on self-efficacy and PTSD.

Global Displacement and
Mental Health Conference

Nov 8–9 2019

Smothering Burnout with
Psychology & Design

Talk at the Festival of New
Oct 3 2019

Common Threads Project workshop